CSS Heart - a love story

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This is a story about two people. A boy and a girl.

A boy and a girl who had met each other, but were so incredibly different...
Yet so similar.


They saw each other. And saw each other. And saw each other again.

Without even noticing, they started to grow very fond of each other and...
they got closer.


Their fondness grew. You may even say that they...liked each other.

They started wanting to spend every day together. And after some time...
even their shape started to change.

They liked each other but this was changing...it started to feel like more.

Feelings grew stronger and everything was different. Even colours looked different...
everything glowed a tint of rose.

Things were going so well so they agreed to buy a house together...a very big step.

With the house transfer to focus on, their relationship wasn't the priority...
they grew apart.


They realised this and remembered why they were buying the house...to be together.

They still didn't own the house but connected with each other and rekindled their like for each other...
they liked each other more than ever now.

With a renewed energy and vision they started to get the house ready...they would soon move in.

Their time spent on the house pulled them closer. The house was made their own...
even the colours seemed to mirror their likeness.

They moved in and what once was like...now became stronger.

The house, with the happy couple now moved in became a home...
together, they knew it was love.

The End